Grow Your Instagram Following

So, you are on the gram and want to learn exactly how to grow your Instagram following? You have sat and seen your competitors with tones of followers and your 100 plus following does not look like you have a dedicated army to toot their whistle in support of your products right? So this is where I step in and offer you some valuable advice on how to grow your Instagram following.

Time Is Of The Essence Here

In order to be able to grow your Instagram following, you need a lot of time and effort to do so. It is not as easy as it looks, and no fake followers is not something that you want to even consider. There are so many people out there with fake followers and it really is no added value to your business whatever. Infact, it can do very bad damage. Buying followers can have your Instagram account hacked, it can have your image severely damaged and well you will not look very cool if you have a big following, yet sparse engagement. It is obvious when this happens. Set aside time to be able to log into your account and add content. Have patience, Rome was not built in a day.

It’s All About The Hashtags!

Say what?! Yes guys, if you are past the age of 20 and have Instagram it can seem like a whole different language is being blurted out to you. You need to be able to be sure that you understand the relevance of hashtags on Instagram. See, they are pretty much the same as keywords are in content articles. Without hashtags you cannot drive people to your posts. You will only engage with people that already follow you, This is good to get likes, but in terms of growing your audience and social reach, you’re pretty much limiting yourself.

Play Around With Hashtags

Hashtags are niche specific on Instagram too. If you are a shoe company selling stilettos and heels, and use a hashtag for trainers or sneakers, them you are not going to reach the audience you want to !You need to carefully make sure that the content that you post in the image, also coincides with the hashtags that you use to get found. You will not reach your potential without hashtags, be sure of this factor!

Also, your feed on Instagram (Your account, the place that displays the pictures) needs to have different usage of hashtags all the way throughout. If you use the same hashtags then you will also raise red flags with Instagram. You might nor have realized it yet, but Instagram are very strict on what activity takes place in your account. Over use of the same hashtags each time you post can actually mean that you get a temporary ban on your account for posting.

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